With an every growing fleet of out-of-the-box integrations and a pipeline filled with game-changing projects, Patchworks are the developer community’s go-to partner for integrations and the business community’s integrator of choice.

State of Play

Cloud based softwares are dominating the world of eCommerce and Retail Technology, more and more organisations are investing in specialist systems to solve problems in various business areas. From sales teams to accounts departments, bricks-and-mortar to clicks-and-mortar, there is a SaaS platform for just about everything. The result is isolated achievements and disjointed management. Every business should have the best chance of fulfilling it’s potential, systems should liaise automatically, data exchange¬†with 100% accuracy and human error must be minimised.

True Omni-Channel

Effective omni-channel strategy mustn’t be understated, as we all become digital consumers retailers are expected to offer a smooth buying experience across face-to-face, eCommerce and mobile. This creates a dilemma for high-growth retailers, investing in new technologies means numerous points of data entry, multiple channels to manage and an expanding demand on resources.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to simplify the exchange of data across cloud based software systems, allowing businesses to grow efficiently and to be managed easily. Seamless systems integration and ongoing support will save time, remove human error and eliminate duplication. The result, more time for business owners and their staff to concentrate on the things they love, getting more customers.

Our focus is helping customers maximise the value, relevancy and ROI of their software systems. We unify systems, create multi-channel solutions that are easy to deploy and support our clients tirelessly.