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A Bright New Horizon For Sage Customers

Shopify API

Sage have listened to their customers and ushered in 2016 by opening up a whole new frontier for integrated business. Moving way from the old school silod software approach Sage have released a new API and App Marketplace. Sage are enabling partners such as Patchworks to contribute to the the Sage infrastructure. The energy with which the developer team at Sage are going about their new direction is unparalleled and Patchworks are right there with them. Patchworks are the first SI Partners to be integrating all of the major ecommerce platforms with the new Sage systems. For release in In Q1 2016 the primary Patchworks connections with Sage 50 and 200 will include:
  • Magento (CE & EE)
  • Shopify (Standard & Enterprise)
  • Bigcommerce (Standard & Enterprise)
  • Woocommerce
  • Opencart
  • Liquidshop
  • Visualsoft
Why Sage 200? If you are looking for a feature rich but slightly less expensive ERP system than Microsoft Dynamics Nav / Netsuite then Sage 200 is your huckleberry (although please do try before you buy, all ERP systems are different) We see a lot of businesses outgrow Sage 50, stretching its limits as a finance package for inventory management and ERP functions. For those businesses Sage 200 is a natural progression. Sage have introduced a monthly fee model, meaning you can have a great great brand name ERP without the intrusive startup cost. With Sage 200 your ERP and Finance package are all in one, meaning fewer moving parts in your ecosystem. Connect Sage with your whole ecosystem Forward thinking businesses of today utilise a staggering number of software's and tools including ecommerce, CRM, email marketing, business intelligence, wholesale forward ordering, PLM... the list goes on. In a perfect world these systems would work seamlessly together. Historically integrating every system would be a hugely expensive and labour intensive task... but no longer. We will happily visit you for a workshop to map each endpoint in your ecosystem on a granular and business process level. If you are a retailer, agency or ERP company and need a reliable integration partner, please don't hesitate to get in touch.