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How to integrate your social media and ecommerce

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There is no question about the power of social media and many businesses have embraced some or all aspects of it in order to build their profile, awareness and brand authority. Whilst social media and blogging partner well together, social media and ecommerce is more of a difficult match. It’s much harder to get a follower to share details about a product as opposed to an interesting article about something. So just how can an ecommerce business harness the power of social media to grow their sales? How can you integrate your social media efforts with your ecommerce activities? This blog gives you a number of ideas to consider and you’ll find many clever apps from Shopify, BigCommerce and other ecommerce platforms to help you achieve your goals. Of course studying role models can also give you some great ideas – you just have to reflect on Amazon to see many great ideas for social media integrating with ecommerce. Promote social logins As we all gather up an extremely long list of user names and passwords, new customers can be deterred from shopping with you if once again, they need to register. Offering them the ability to login using one of their social networks achieve two things: it’s much easier for them and it is one step closer to them sharing an action, such as a purchase, on their social network. Build more followers in the best networks for your business Having a profile on every type of social media can become ineffective. Focus on the networks where your customers are most likely to be active and which are more suitable for your business. For example, you might choose Instagram or Pinterest if images are a strong aspect of your business. Stick to a few networks and do a decent job of building up followers. Promote your products on social media Many apps make social sharing of new products an automated process, saving you time and effort whilst also achieving and important task. Getting it right can have a big impact on sales. Encourage social sharing Whether it’s a photo or a product, give them the tools to share this on social media. Whilst the conversion rate of doing so is often lower for ecommerce websites, when they do it can be powerful stuff for your business. So achieve what you can here and encourage it to grow. Consider F-commerce Whilst it might not be right for every business, selling from Facebook can really reap rewards. Facebook opens up a simply enormous audience and many ecommerce platforms now offer apps that make the process of selling via this network quite straight forward. Run competitions and promotions through social media Win £50 to spend with us, 10% off for our Facebook followers – this is the sort of communication that can help you to gain leverage from your social media efforts. This sort of communication is also much more likely to be shared too, widening the profile and awareness of your business at the same time and encouraging even more prospective shoppers to take advantage of a promotion or enter a competition. Integrate reviews socially Positive customer reviews are like gold dust and will always offer a boost to your ecommerce sales. Integrating these review with social media networks simply adds more power to the content and can be highly effective. Again, apps are available from many ecommerce platforms to facilitate this. Embed your tweets Being able to see what you’re saying on social media whilst visiting the website can encourage more visitors to then move across to social media and follow you, or better still, get involved in the conversation. More and more businesses are embedding their Twitter feed in their website so that the latest tweets can be read at a glance. Facebook advertising Such is the power of Facebook, adverts can be extremely targeted towards a particular profile of user or a particular geographic area. It’s certainly an area to consider if you want to make social media work harder for your ecommerce business.