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Oneskee Magento and Sage 100 integration

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Oneskee is an online retailer specialising in one piece ski wear. After a highly successful 2015 trading from their website www.oneskee.com - they have decided this year to increase their online presence with a German translated website - www.oneskee.com/de

Alongside their Magento powered web store, Oneskee also sells direct to their customers via Amazon, and has traditionally recorded all of their accounting information manually to Sage 100. With the expansion into the new german skianzuge market, including existing US and Canada specific storefronts (www.oneskee.com/us & www.oneskee.com/can), they have seen a dramatic upturn in orders, inevitably leading to more time spent entering financial data into their Sage 100 platform.

For small start ups like Oneskee, the need for automation for data becomes apparent very quickly when expanding. Failure to do so can often catch even the most efficient of businesses on the back foot as they experience an influx of orders that they aren't used to. With a small number of staff and a seasonal turnover it was much more cost effective for Oneskee to automate their data transfer than to outsource or hire a new member of staff to enter the data for them.

With the help of Patchworks, all data generated from orders, across all of Oneskee's sales channels, are now fed directly into their accounting software. This has freed up valuable time for this small team, and has provided a cost effective solution to a problem common to a number of startup ecommerce businesses.

“After the introduction of our oneskee.com/de storefront, we were soon spending a good portion of our working day re-entering sales data from Magento and Amazon into Sage 100. Rather than outsourcing to freelance data entry company, we wanted to keep all data in house, with full control. With the help of Patchworks we have been able to successful automate all data flow directly into Sage 100 quicker, cheaper, and much more accurately than before.” - Jonny Baggott, Oneskee Business manager.

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